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Related post: Date: desire models Mon, 01 Nov 1999 13:14:44 -0800 From: Subject: Randi VRandi V, a continuation of adventures experienced in my previous stories, is dedicated to all of my friends and fans. It picks up where Randi IV top models ranked left off. I had to stop for obvious reasons!Please keep your feedback coming to my email address I love it and answer each email personally as soon as possibleAnd, now. . .Randi VI guess most of you would think I'm some sort of nut when it comes to flying. I happen to dearly love Red Eye flights. I always secure a window seat (First Class, of course! I may be a nut, but a comfort-loving nut!) so that I can look out on the darkness, imagining what lies 60,000 feet below. When the evening meal has been served and pillows and blankets are passed around and the lights finally dimmed, it becomes the most relaxing atmosphere of all to let your mind wander. Wow! Do I have a lot of mind wandering to do, lately. Mostly, though, I thank God for Ryan. Without him, my mind would be exploding right about now. One of male fashion model my new, favorite phrases: Sensory Overload.Ryan was not my first love, though. I was only 15 when I began to have my first affair. Not my first sex, but newstar model my first, really, really big affair. Marcus was my first martial arts bikini model shannon instructor and a former member of a Special Forces SOG group, just as was Ryan. He was so very tall and handsome and muscular and sweet and all of the tiny models xxx things a young girl could ever dream of. And, unfortunately, very married.Our relationship lasted for over four months. Until, that is, Daddy found out about bel ami model it. Then, it was a one way trip to live with relatives in Tel Aviv. That began a wonderful life in another world that I would never regret. With the one single exception of missing Marcus, of course.But, then there was Ryan, the only man who gave me everything of himself and took nothing from me. Except my love. Until I met Ryan, my times with other men were several, but fleeting. Living on the edge of life as no nude modells we all did in the IDF and, eventually, the Mossad, made that yong model nude a necessity.And now, her I was, flying at 60,000 feet over the darkness of a midnight flight from New York to Dallas, Texas, wondering why I had been so blessed in my life. I mean, I'm no damn angel, not by a long shot! In business, while I'm fair (I think), I can be a real bitch when I'm crossed. But, I worked hard to get where I am and I've earned it. And now, sitting here with my seat neighbor, Irish, everything seems to in place.No, Irish hadn't been brought on this trip for a tryst! I haven't become dima model a complete hedonist. Not yet, at any rate. She happens to be very important in a business environment where intellect and loyalty count for everything. I needed her in Dallas because I foresaw a lot of hard work ahead on this one. However, my Mommy didn't raise any fools, either.The two systems developers involved in the Dallas software project were riding in coach. After dinner, I walked back through the First Class curtains to the rear of the plane to pass them some of the notes I had completed on my natasha model teen laptop. Along the way, I engaged in my latest game of trying to spot Fellow Travelers, so to speak. I have come to models polan a conclusion that I think many agree with, to wit: Once a woman has "tasted" of other women, there comes with the experience a certain - something - a certain aura - that surrounds you. Others so disposed share that aura and can sense it. I vlad models gallery don't know if that's true with men on men, but somehow I know this is true for girl to girl mature breast models encounters.. Naturally, I spotted a few, receiving glances that assured me that I had been correct. Unfortunately, anonymous meetings were not on my schedule for this trip. But, it had become a fun game, anyway. When I returned to my seat, Irish said that three very nervous ladies had left some very interesting business cards for me. Smiling, argentina modelos porn I took them and placed them into my briefcase for future analysis. Irish had a very amused look on her face porn modeling as she handed them to me. I stuck my tongue out at her. I propped a pillow behind my head and cuddled under a blanket, gazing brazilian model out of charity tattoo model my window on the endless darkness, letting my mind drift ever so softly, back to that recent night with Nora, Deborah and, sweet, sweet Loren. That little woman, so wise beyond her tender years, had driven me past all conscious level. As I tenn nude model lay drained of all strength, I looked over Loren's sleeping form to Nora, whispering my thanks. Then, my eyes locked with Deborah's. Uh-oh, I thought. fourteen sexy models I know that look. She smiled at me, kissed her Great Aunt's cheek and slid away from her, crawling on all fours toward me, her apple sized tits swaying as she approached. Loren murmured in her sleep as I gently let her down onto the rug, her legs curled up into a fetal position."Hi, Randi. Remember me?" she whispered as she knelt behind massachussetts bondage models me, her arms wrapped around my neck, her hands searching for my tits. I leaned back, my eyes closed, my girlmodels mouth hoping for Deborah's tongue. I wasn't disappointed, but she made me wait as she bench models philippines took strategic detours to my neck, then my ear. As her tongue entered my ear, first licking all of the grooves on the outside before diving deep inside, I groaned aloud at the dual stimulation of my ear and my tits, her fingers pinching my nipples to full alert status.I reached my arms up and around to take Deborah's head in my hands. She shifted her wonderful body around and climbed onto my lap, cuddling her face between my tits. I ran my fingers asianchildmodels down her soft, smooth arms, delighting in the fact that it was as if I were stroking Loren's down covered skin. So smooth and soft, I thought, delighting as her soft ass ground against my pussy bush. I used my fingers to angel video model lift her face to mine and kissed her gently, only to have her hand reach up to pull my face hard into hers. Our lips opened quickly as our tongues began to battle each other's, each of us tasting the flavors of our previous lovers. So sweet and tangy, juicy and delicious.I felt Nora's hands running down my back, just feeling the smoothness of my skin. Nora had a way of making you feel so - comfortable, so - belonging. Her lips kissed my shoulder, gentling nipping the soft flesh as her hands moved around to grasp my tits.I murmured my heated response to Nora's hands as Deborah and I increased the passion of our kiss. 100 nonnude models I reached out to grasp both of her tits in my hands, rolling them around and around, feeling her nipples rock hard against my palms. Deborah shifted her position now. Never breaking our kiss, she brought one leg around and crossed it over her other one behind my back, her ass now resting heavily on my thighs, our pussies peering young india models at each other. Deborah began to rock her pussy against mine, drawing amazed gasps from my throat. I pulled her tight against me, trapping Nora's hands between our heaving tits. That brought Nora hard against my back, her cheek pressed between my shoulder blades, her tongue touching what skin she could reach.Deborah broke out kiss and looked into my eyes. "I want to taste you, Randi. I want to suck your pussy until you scream as loud as you did when Loren amateur fitness models did it. I want to top dollar models make little models sexclips you come all over my face," she whispered, her eyes glazed as mine surely were, her face so serious."Oh, yes, florida bikini models my sweet," I whispered, planting tiny kisses to her face, the face of another angel. "Oh, my God, yes."Nora, using my tits as handles, pulled me back until the small of my back pressed against vlad young models her pussy. She continued to massage my tits as I lay back, my head now resting between her tits, my long red curls spread over her. She held me in place as Deborah began her travels down my body.Deborah moved down peekshows models top to my tits, kissing and licking, also littlemodel nude kissing and licking her Great Aunt's fingers and hands wherever they stood in her way. She moved further down, now, leaving my tits to Nora, letting her tongue glide over my stomach to my belly button, deutch teen modelles stabbing hard and twisting, sending shock waved through my body. Her hands clutched at my hips, sliding down to my ass, scooping them into her hands, holding me in place. I was bucking now, grinding my abdomen into her mouth and my back and head into Nora's soft and wonderful body. I hot models porn child model turned my face to lick at Nora's wonderful tits, reaching behind me to squeeze them hard. I could feel her pussy pressing against me now as she began to lift her body against mine.I felt as though I'd died and gone to heaven, surrounded as I was by two beautiful women. The dichotomy of the older woman behind me, the young girl in front was a mind blower and I struggled to keep my sanity. Especially, now, as Deborah's mouth now began her run to the center of my sexual being.Deborah's mouth and lips had reached my pussy bush, now, pressing hard as her hands squeezed my ass even harder, her fingers spreading my cheeks, one circling and teasing youth lingerie models my tiny asshole. Suddenly, I began to rock as my trademark mini-orgasms cascaded throughout my body. I imagined that a thousand hands were everywhere on me at once as Deborah left my ass and began to spread my thighs apart, exposing my dripping pussy to her lips and tongue.Suddenly, as I felt Deborah's fingers spread my pussy lips wide for her tongue, I felt hands running the length of my legs and realized that Loren had awakened."Oh, God!" I screamed. "I...don't think I can take this! Oh, no. Please, I - Oh, Fuck it! Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" I screamed over and over as Deborah, nude golf models her tongue so damn long, drove deep into my fuck hole, my juices literally pouring from me.I came over and over and over again, my orgasms rising higher and higher. When a finger found its way into my asshole, I flew over the cuckoo's nest and began to shake violently. I felt nepalese model girl my body stiffen, holding myself aloft for a long moment, then settled hard into a mass of tortured flesh.When I finally was able to move again, I found, as I should have known, that it kids be models was Loren's finger oxi model pics that young models links had brought me over the edge by invading my super sensitive asshole. I didn't move far, however, as there was absolutely no nn litlle model strength left in my body. Nor did I want to move.The four of slept, curled up on the rug, our bodies clinging to each other.As I thought about that magnificent finale, I began to squirm in my seat. Stealthily, I glanced toward Irish, hoping I hadn't disturbed her sleep. Her eyes were closed, fast asleep. I picked up my purse, carefully stepped over Irish's sleeping form and walked the aisle to the restroom. As I approached, the door opened and a very short, well dressed, young woman walked out. Our eyes met as we passed and I seemed to detect an upturned nose tossed in my direction. Only a little bit miffed, I watched her take her seat by the window, directly opposite myself and Irish. She was a little soft, perhaps 10-15 pounds overweight, attractive in a diminutive way. As she took her seat, nonnudeteenmodels13years she sniffed and turned away. Hmmph! I thought.I locked the bathroom door and slid my soaked panties down my thighs. I brought them japanese nude models to my nose for a moment, savoring the smell, then stuffed little sexy model them into the refuse bin, throwing several sheets of paper towel over them. When I returned, Irish had 14 y.o. sexmodel turned toward my seat in her sleep and I crawled past, careful not to awaken her. I leaned my head back, turned slightly to again assure myself that Irish had not been disturbed and watched her beautiful face at rest.Irish - an admittedly unusual name for a black woman - was beautiful. At the time I hired her, there were the usual jealousies and behind 16yo models teens the back statements. Additionally, it was thought that she would be too distracting to the macho pool and couldn't be very good at her job. Of course, Irish shut them all down quickly with her dedication to work, her tireless loyalty to me and her confidence and conservative dress and, to the dismay of her detractors, her intellect. Now, the only complaint I had ever received about her was that she was too loyal to me, not providing enough access, that sort of thing. Fat chance I would ever let her get away!Irish had also become a great friend. Although I had told her nothing about my latest string of adventures, we discussed lsmodels fre pics most everything else. And, someday, I will probably tell her about this, too. And, the more I thought about it, I wondered what would happen if she knew. Would she be upset? Would she be turned on? Her boyfriend was a very well known sports figure in New York (please don't ask me who...not a chance, there!) and drop dead gorgeous. He was built like Ryan and almost as sweet and caring. Still, I wondered . . .I let my mind wander again, waiting for - counting on - sleep to overtake me in mid thought. After my tryst with Nora, Deborah and Loren, I was totally drained, both physically and mentally . Going home the next day to Ryan to learn of his adventure brought everything that had happened recently to that point in time where decisions had to be made. Not that either of us was disturbed or losing our commitment to one another; quite the contrary. We have really rededicated ourselves to our new, additional sparks to our relationship. Believe me, our sex together had taken on a new urgency and power, as if we both were dedicated to proving that our love was still the most important hot mature models factor in our lives. However, we had bestangel models pussy to set some ground rules. Our lives together and the kids' lives were counting on it.First, we would make sure that our time together would dominate our lives. We would be very careful, particularly Ryan since he would be the most at risk, medically. That having been decided, all systems were on Go, as Ryan put it.First things first, however. After Ryan and I had our little talk and I filled him in on my evening with "the girls", he attacked. He overpowered me, he took advantage - oh, bullshit! He had a lot of help from me, believe it!Ryan had kept his clothes on for the first few minutes of my little story. But, with me lying beside him naked, my hands cruising over my body, fingers finding little gooey holes everywhere, had an extremely interesting effect on him. He began to undress, slowly, his eyes locked on my fingers. I, in turn, watched him strip, keeping up with marsha teen model my running dialogue, my stroking, watching his marvelous body appear. First, he pulled his sweatshirt over his head, baring his massive chest. Even at 51, his shoulders were broad and thickly muscled, his chest, with the hair now half gray, the distended nipples rock hard, his washboard abs just now young russion models beginning to show a tiny little age. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped and let his jeans slide down his powerful legs, legs I had watched force a kick through bricks, but gentle enough to wrap around my waist.Ryan slowly lowered his brief, displaying his long, thick beautiful cock growing exponentially even as I watched, my female pinup model eyes bulging from their sockets. I think I must have made a mistake measuring him at 7 and 1/2 inches so long ago, I thought. Either that or he's grown a lot during the past few weeks!Ryan japanese sex models crawled onto the bed and lay young nonnudes model stretched out, one arm behind his head, the other down, his hand lightly stroking his beautiful cock. Unable to continue, I stopped my story and crawled over to his prostrate body, licking my lips as I straddled his thighs. I watched his hand gently stroke his staff, his eyes glazed. I slid down to the avs girl models foot of the bed and began licking his feet first. I put each of his toes into my mouth, sucking them hard, pretending each was a miniaturized version of his cock. He began to writhe on the bed as I ran my tongue the length of the bottom of first one, then the other foot. (He's very ticklish!) I moved up to his calves, feeling the muscles clench under my tongue, playing with the forest of hairs. On to his knees, to his rock hard thighs, kissing my way up his inner thighs. I came to within only a few inches of his huge, bulging balls and cock, watching his hand slowly stroking it. My God! It's still growing! I thought."Hey! Let me do the work there, Lover! That's mine!" I said, moving closer and licking his swollen balls, tasting the sweet, tangy sweat of his passion. Ryan's hands took old of my hair as mine held onto his hips, feeling his muscles twitch as my tongue laved the bloated balls, almost tasting the come stored in them. I reached now for his cock, holding it in place with both hands while I continued to lick his balls. I sucked one whole ball into my mouth, using my tongue to swirl it around in its sack. When Ryan moaned louder, I switched my attack to his other ball, moving it around in its sack, too. Slowly, I let my tongue slip beneath his balls to use my tongue on that area between his balls and his asshole. It s soooooo erotic to lick him there, watching him squirm as he couldn't decide where he wanted my tongue next. I decided to surprise him.I slid my hands under Ryan's legs lifting them over my shoulders so that his beautiful ass was staring me in the face. I slowly pried his ass cheeks apart, displaying his dark, winking asshole. I blew hot breaths against his pucker, little nubiles model eliciting a loud groan, his hands pushing harder on my head. With a suddenness that surprised me, I thrust my tongue against his hole, causing him to lift completely off the bed, screaming out in surprise. I placed my lips around his anus, then, sucking lil bikini models it completely into my mouth, letting his cheeks press against my hotnudemodels face. My asshole fetish becoming more pronounced, I continued to work my tongue on him there until I knew that he was approaching a dynamic orgasm.I dropped his legs, then, and slithered further up his body, catwalk bikini models using my hands to bring his cock down so that I was hovering directly above, staring down to the single eye, precum puddled in its opening. Slowly, I lowered my tongue, scooping up his juices, then let my lips kiss the heated softness of the crown of his cock. Spreading my lips wide, wider than I could ever remember, I slipped them over the head and pulled it into my mouth. I let my tongue play over the hot, smooth surface of his cockhead, tasty that exquisite male tartness that sends my head spinning. I began to jack his cock as I worked my mouth further down, tasting his hard and smooth maleness.God! young naked models I could never give this up! I thought as I pantyhose babe models squeezed his balls, feeling them roll around in my hands. I looked up along his prostrate body, watching him lie with his eyes shut, listening to him groan. I lesbian supermodels felt his balls begin to tighten and draw up as his cock began to swell in my mouth. I squeezed my hands tightly around the base of his cock, refusing to childs models panties let him come yet, and removed my mouth from the beloved confection.I moved up Ryan's body and straddled him again, my knees on either side of his hips. I raised myself above his heaving body, reached down and guided his monster cock to the entrance to my cunt. When I felt his cock begin to spead my pussy lips, I slowed, relishing the feeling of his cockhead at my pussy mouth. Slowly, very, very slowly, I began to lower my body onto his cock, watching as the head slipped between my pussy lips, feeling them spread seventeen nn models wide for him. I stopped for a moment, relishing the feeling of his huge purple knob lodged in my cunt opening. I placed both my hands on his hard stomach for balance and slowly, torturously, continued my descent, watching as inch by inch, Ryan's massive missile disappeared from view into my cunt.Oh, God, it is so hot! I feel the insides of my pussy burning from his cock, feeling every inch of the veined and bulging surface strike a sensitive place inside me as it slowly plunged into my cunt. I felt his cockhead touch and pass through my cervix as Ryan's hands pretteen models maxwell held my hips, guiding himself deeper and deeper and deeper into my body. I was moaning now, tingling sensations rushing throughout my body from the heated penetration into my cunt. I was calling out to Ryan, begging him to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Finally, I felt his pubic hairs scratching the inside of my thighs, his huge, come filled balls on my ass. Heaven, in the clouds, has floated down to encompass us on the bed. Mini orgasms were running throughout my body, building to the ultimate brain blower.Ryan's hands slipped down to grasp my ass cheeks, lifting me from him until only his cockhead was still inside my cunt. Crying out in frustration, I drove myself down hard onto his huge post, filling myself up abby teen model again. Just as I reached fullness with his cock, though, he raised me again, leading me blindly along the edge of a phantom skyscraper, barely able to keep my feet on the ledge, miles and miles above the ground, winds swirling, darkness encompassing all view, terrified to fall, yet wanting it, craving it, demanding it, screaming to be swept over that edge because nude world model I knew Ryan would save me, catch me and hold me.Ryan was screaming now, crying out, fuck, fuck, fuck, pulling tiny preeteen models my cunt down hard onto his cock, his scream mixing with mine as I felt the torrents of sperm rush through the tube beneath his cock and spash hard into my cunt. Wave after wave of come, so thick that it leaked from my cunt and covered his balls and stomach. I continued grinding my cunt around his still rock hard cock, squeezing my pussy muscles, rocking to his spasms with my own giant orgasm, milking every drop of his precious juice, mixing it with my own. Finally, at last, we collapsed in each other's arms, connected, devastated little model thumbnails and completely exhausted. And, I felt safer and happier than ever before.Wow! That was some dream, I thought, awakening from a dazed sleep. Ryan. Loren. What great memories, I thought, turning toward the window. I couldn't have been asleep long, I thought, since it was still dark down there, clouds slowly drifting by the window. I stretched languidly and closed my eyes, trying to get back to my dream. God, I thought! It was so real, I could still feel his hands on my - rape sites model wait a minute, my eyes nude models hustler popped open with a start. model celebrities feet That's not ...I charming nude models turned my head toward Irish. She seemed to be asleep, her beautiful chocolate face turned towards me, her head near my shoulder. Her thick Afro splayed out on her seat, her thick lips slightly parted, her broad nostrils young free modells flared. She was completely covered by her blanket, as was I. I turned back to my own blanket and slowly let it slide down to my waist. There it was!Irish's long, slender, smooth arm was stretched across the gap between us. The armrest had been moved up out of the way so that her hand could reach my lap! Her deep, dark hand was resting on my thigh, her fingers just touching junior girl models my bare pussy! Oh, my God, I forgot I took my panties off in the restroom!She murmured in her sleep, shifting her position, her hand moving a fraction of an inch. But, what a fraction! Her fingers were now touching my pussy, one actually slipped between my cunt lips, touching my juices. I looked at her face, certain that she was, indeed, asleep. Was she searching for Marcus' cock in her sleep? Or, was I selling myself short, here? Oh, God! If I awaken her, she'd freak, I thought! What am I going to do?Slowly, not wanting to awaken her, I pulled the blanket back up in case anyone cared to notice in bikini thong models the dark that my assistant was fingerfucking me! God! Here was a woman that I would have loved to have touch me there and now I was afraid to move! Now, what am I supposed to do?Damn! Irish means too much to me to hurt her, to scare her with what she was doing. With what I ... Oh, Damn! I'm running! I'm so model angel nn wet and she's going to wake up. I'm starting...I could feel a small, warmth beginning to build in my cunt. Oh, God! I'm going to come! I tried to keep myself from moving about, but my body betrayed me as I began to slowly rock, pushing against her finger! Oh, Goddd...!Suddenly, the finger pushed slowly into my cunt, moving around and around, the sound of the squishing audible only in my imagination, but there, nonetheless. amanda bliss model Irish was fingerfucking me in her sleep! Without thinking, I gently turned my body toward her, turning my hips toward her so that I could enjoy her finger. As I turned toward her, her open eyes locked onto mine, her lips turned up at the corners in a slow, sensuous grin. She was awake?I started to say something, but she put the finger of her free hand to her lips to shoosh me, kissed it and reached across to touch my lips. She shifted models free porn in her seat to get closer and pushed her finger deep into my cunt. My eyes locked shut as orgasmic shudders passed through me, wriggling my body toward model child thongs her hand. Her finger left my cunt for only a moment, replaced with her thumb. The fingers were now searching for, and - wow! - finding my clitoris now, tweaking it as her thumb wound round and nude top model round in my pussy. My mind was swirling now, in the throes of an immense orgasm, trying berlin teenmodel to keep from inviting the rest of the first class to enjoy it with me. At last I went over the top, shuddering, my way to a wonderful, calming orgasm. I could feel my cunt muscles wrapping round her thumb, refusing to let it go. A moment later, when I had come down from the mountain, Irish removed her thumb and brought it to her lips. Her eyes locked with mine as she slipped her wet thumb into her mouth, sucking it like a child with a pacifier. I looked at her, wondering what sexy thai models had started here."Uh-Hi, Irish! Have a nice nap?" I said, trying to make a joke of a difficult situation."Oh, yes, Ms. Hilliard. A wonderful nap, with 17yr topless teenmodels a wonderful dream," she whispered, still licking my come juice from her thumb. "I woke up and smelled something coming from under your blanket. When I checked it out, what to my wondering eyes did I see but a ...". She leaned closer and whispered very softly, " Santa Claus' chimney, surrounded by a sierra model teen fur coat," her smile was becoming more and more enticing."Uh, Irish..." I began. Again, her finger touched my lips."Don't say anything, Mrs. H. It just seemed like the thing to do. You know how I feel about you. You're not only my boss. You're my best friend, too. My very best friend. No strings. No big thing. I loved it, too."I stared at Irish for a moment. Damn it Ryan! Why are you always right? God, he drives me crazy, sometimes.I leaned back in my seat, staring at her glorious face. I reached my hand under our blankets and placed it on her leg, just above the knee. teen model link Her skin was so soft and smooth, so warm, both from the blankets and from her passion. Wow! She had enjoyed it! She was turned on, too. Well, I certainly owe her the return of a favor, for crying out model gays loud!I let my hand slide slowly up her inner thigh, slowly stroking the softness of her perfect leg. I watched as Irish leaned back, her amateur model eyes closed, her lips pursed as if kissing an imaginary face. The higher I moved my hand, the more her lips moved. I reached the apex of her thighs and stopped in my tracks.No panties! Irish opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Took them off when you Desnudos gay modelos fell asleep," she whispered, a sly, evil little grin spreading her wide, succulent lips. "To do myself, really. But, this is soooooo much nicer."As my hand began to move again, Irish's eyes closed, her body sliding slightly towards me. I caught my breath as my fingers touched her coarse, curly cunt hairs, dripping wet in my fingers. I immediately turned my hand so that my thumb was up. I was determined to make this stroke something Irish would long remember.As I glanced around the darkened compartment, my bathroom woman friend in the window seat across from us immediately caught my eye. She was teen lengire models watching us intently, her tongue licking her lips. I smiled at her, 100 modelos nonude causing her to jump in her seat nude kids model and turn back to her window. I laughed to myself and went back to work on Irish's delicious pussy.Slowly, I moved my fingers to her thick, pouty pussy lips, taking them, one by one, between my fingers, squeezing them, rolling them around and around. Irish began to moan, trying to keep it quiet. I gave her something to think about, yung nude model though, by pushing one finger into her wet pussy hole to the second joint. She jerked, her eyes opening to stare at me, then closed tightly. I worked my finger around and around her cunt, feeling her juices flow even more.Irish began to move in time with my stroking, her orgasm beginning to rise. Now, I began what I had been planning, daring Irish to keep from screaming out loud. I pulled my finger from her clutching cunt and replaced it with my thumb, just as she had done to me. I rolled it toward her clit, rubbing it as she wriggled in her seat. Finally, I thrust it in to the hilt, feeling her muscles grab and hold me. Now it was time for the ultimate finger fuck. I reached my fingers down to her writhing ass and quickly pushed my forefinger young nymph models between her soft, plush ass cheeks. Irish's eyes popped open again, staring at me in shock as my finger found her tiny rose bud asshole and, wet with her pussy juices, plunged inside."Oh, shit!" her harsh whisper ringing in sandra model sisters my ears as I held her locked between my thumb and forefinger. Before she could protest that she was on fire, I began to fuck her juicy and delicious openings hard. Her breathing was labored as she rocked against my hand. With a mighty effort to maintain her silence, Irish began to orgasm so hard; she bit her lip, drawing a tiny amount of blood. At last she busty croatian models began to slow down, collapsing back into her seat.I kept my hand firmly in place, looking across Irish to my favorite voyeur across the aisle. Poor thing. She was leaning against the window, now, staring at us, her hands both under her blanket, doing I dare not guess what. Her eyes were locked with mine and, finally, she managed a tiny smile and one hand benya model surfaced from the blanket, gently swinging my discarded panties! I laughed and blew her a kiss. She returned the gesture and layback, eyes tightly closed. I made a mental note to exchange business cards with her before leaving the plane.Irish looked at me as I finally removed my thumb and finger from her privates. I licked both my thumb and my finger, tasting the wonder tartness of her delicious body. We fell asleep soon after, both of us wasted.Look for Randi VI to find out the rest of this story. Soon! Please send comments and suggestions to my hotmail address: Toni526.
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